Do I have to be a member to book tickets?

Yes, unless you are coming as a guest of another current member. If you are visiting on a one off you can become a temporary member for one season. This costs just £3.

Does everyone in my party have to become a member?

No. A member can bring up to three guests with them. If you are bringing more than 5 in your group then you will need to join up another member of your group for the season.

Do you show matinees or children's films?

Matinee films are only shown for private party screenings. All films as part of our usual programme are shown in the evening. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.15pm start. We rarely show films specifically for children but many of the films we show would be enjoyed by younger audiences.

Can I bring my child/ young teenager to a 15 rated film?

We are a film society rather than a commercial cinema and therefore do not have to operate the same restrictions. It is up to the parent/guardian whether they wish to bring their child to see a film.

What time will the film end?

Most performances end at approximately 9.30/10pm depending on the running time of the film. We often show a short film, known as the "second feature" before the main film and the interval is around 15 minutes.

What refreshments are available during the evening?

We have tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sherry, ginger wine, port and red and white wine available from the kiosk. The usherettes have trays stocked with choc ices, tubs and cornets as well as a wide selection of sweets, crisps and small bags of popcorn. We hope you will find our prices very reasonable compared with the expensive refreshments available in many commercial cinemas.

Can I pay on a card?

Yes, we now have a card machine! We also accept cash or cheques made payable to "Southwold Film Society" only.

When do film seasons run?

Autumn season October - December (Friday and Saturday evenings)
Winter Season End January - Easter Saturday (Friday and Saturday evenings)
Spring Season May - End June (Friday and Saturday evenings)
Summer Season End July - End August (Films are shown on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings)

Why do you have a break between seasons?

Do not assume we are having a relaxing time! There is much to do between seasons. Booking films, editing the database, preparing the new leaflet and sending it out to our 800 members, printing, stamping and cutting out the tickets by hand. We also have many private parties and weddings booked in during these times.

How many seats are there in the cinema?

We have 70 seats, 22 or which are in the circle, including our new royal box which seats two.

Do you have toilet facilities?

Yes, we have two toilets. Both are situated on the ground floor. One is a larger toilet and has more space for those with mobility issues.